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Frequently Asked Questions

At Massage Heights we are committed to customizing your every session, as well making your experience the best it can be. Here are some Frequently Asked Questions we hope can help you in choosing Massage Heights.

1What is massage therapy?

Massage therapy is a health and wellness option that positively effects the body in a variety of ways. Massage is used to relieve pain, soreness, and stiffness that can be caused by tension, injury, stress or other related conditions. Massage is associated to benefit muscles, tendons, ligaments tissues with respect to managing pain and helping in the recovery of physical injuries and stress levels.

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2Are all massage therapists at Massage Heights registered and trained?

Yes. All massage therapists employed with Massage Heights have been registered within the province of Alberta, and have been trained by accredited massage therapy schools.

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3Does Massage Heights offer Gift Card options?

Yes. Each Massage Heights location is capable of issuing massage gift cards. These gift cards can be used for product purchases or massage sessions. A gift card purchased at one location may be used at any Massage Heights location!

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4What should I expect on my first visit to Massage Heights?

At Massage Heights we make it our goal to customize each session to your specific needs. Upon entering a Massage Heights location you will be greeted by our lifestyle employees who will walk you through the entire process of your massage. Each first time guest is required to fill out a medical intake form which will allow the therapist to quickly assess your specific expectations and requirements. The intake form is used as a snap shot for our therapists to better develop a plan for your appointment, and will also aid in future appointments to better target problem areas that may need more focus or pressure. Upon leaving your massage session our therapists are encouraged to offer stretches, tips on relieving stress or tension, and a quick conversation to how massage may help in the future. Any further questions are then answered by our front desk team who can outline different types of massages that may be needed in the future, insurance or benefits questions, and re-booking procedures. Come experience Massage Heights today!

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5Does Massage Heights direct bill to insurance or benefit providers?

At Massage Heights we currently do not support direct billing to insurance providers. We do instead provide insurance or benefit receipts which you may then use to claim through your provider.

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6What are the hours of operation?

All Massage Heights locations within the province of Alberta are open 7 days a week. Monday thru Friday we are open 9am-9pm, Saturday we are open 9am-7pm and Sunday we are open 10am-6pm. Certain dates we are closed so feel free to check our Facebook Page for additional information on hours of operation.

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7How do I find the right massage therapist?

At Massage Heights our goal is to cater your session to your individual needs and wants. Massage Heights employ's a wide range of techniques and modalities with the goal of offering a therapist who matches perfect to your requirements. Please call the retreat closest to you so that the Massage Heights front desk staff can match you to the appropriate therapist.

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8How often should I be receiving massage?

Massage Heights is based on the model of monthly massage sessions. We believe in this model because continued maintenance on your body can help in everyday activities. Regular, monthly massage can help decrease stress levels, increase digestive systems within the body, help with decreasing likelihood and intensity of headaches, speeds up the recovery of injuries or muscle fatigue from sports or working out. By incorporating regular massage sessions at Massage Heights we can help you create an effective treatment plan for reducing stress, pain and muscle tension to help you along your busy lifestyle.

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